forte gioielli piacenza
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Forte Gioielli di Anna Forte is a charming boutique in the old heart of Piacenza. The creations of the artist are displayed in the characteristic window,
shining in the street. Inside the boutique, elegant windows in the soft shades
of pink are framed by precious wooden frames and cover the boutique walls, and silk and old brocades in a pink light cover every jewel case, wholly handmade.

The elegant and fascinating atmosphere captivates those
who come in and Anna’s courtesy makes the most reserved customer feel comfortable... her competence satisfies the most demanding customer...
last but not least, her creativity makes every wish come true,
by turning it into a work of art to be put on.

And finally Via Verdi... a historic street with old aristocratic buildings,
where you can enjoy walking and shopping through the lights of the stylish windows and among the large flowerpots making this street a real garden.

FORTE GIOIELLI - Via Verdi, 9 - 29100 Piacenza - ITALY - T. +39 0523 331866 - - P.IVA 00941960338